For Cheeze Inc, a technology startup established in 2018 by Simon Hudson, 2020 was a year to observe and innovate as the world started to accept ‘the new normal’. Harnessing the new world, the company is gearing up to introduce its new app, aptly named Cheeze, which has an early access waitlist open and the BETA version launching within the next few months. The app will allow people to mint their photos into what are called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), giving users the ability to trade and sell them on the blockchain. With a wide target demographic of photographers, collectors and consumers, the concept has been bolstered by the recent boom in the NFT space with sellers such as Beeple and 3Lau making millions of dollars. Cheeze aims to be the number one platform globally for photographers selling digital assets. The startup decided to bring this new app to the market following the success of its community chat app, Privy Chat. The company saw a spike in the number of users sharing and managing photos during the pandemic. Privy first launched back in 2018 at Apples WWDC event and was built to help people organize and manage group chat communities more efficiently. Privy will continue to be in the app stores and has an exciting roadmap of features to help private communities stay connected.

Hudson, a serial Entrepreneur and passionate CEO has done an impressive job forming a world class team of advisors and investors.  These include Apple Fellow, famous author and podcaster Guy Kawasaki who has been with Hudson from day one. Other notable names include Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph, brand guru and marketer James Vincent, Startup Grind and Bevy co-founder Derek Andersen, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Paul Kemsley and celebrity photographer Pierre Auroux.

Cheeze, Inc. today announces its partnership with Dubai Property entrepreneur Mohamed AlRafi, to start its work on creating an engineering headquarters in Dubai and will continue to hire engineers over the coming months. Dubai is the perfect base to for a tech firms engineering team, with its record-breaking internet speed, advanced knowledge of Blockchain technology and contemporary working environments. AlRafi, who owns and operates a number of hugely successful businesses both globally and in Dubai, is now expanding his portfolio into the tech space by partnering with Hudson and investing in his company Cheeze Inc.

AlRafi has an impressive portfolio including chairing SRG Holding, a UAE based third-generation family corporation, boasting several signature projects in Realty and Hospitality, primarily based in Dubai and London, with a roster of iconic properties, such as the High Holborn Estate, London and several skyscrapers in Dubai – UAE, amongst them the five-star Sheraton Grand Hotel. In addition to partnering with the company, AlRafi will also take on an advisory role to Hudson and the board.

“Having someone as experienced and knowledgeable as Mohamed advise me and the company is both exciting and powerful for our young company. As we expand into the UAE we are proud to have a business partner such as Mohamed and his team” says Simon Hudson, CEO of Cheeze Inc.

“I first met Simon in October 2020 and was impressed by his passion and enthusiasm for technology. We have discovered synergies in business as well as both sharing the same vision to support innovation within the UAE.” Mohamed AlRafi

With this new partnership and roadmap, 2021 is set to be an exciting year for the young startup.

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